Our Master Alloys are produced from elements of the highest quality. The raw materials comes from trusted suppliers that provides us quality certificates.

Copper, the basis of our alloys, comes from direct mining and is chemically refined to keep Oxygen under 10ppm, we use only copper coming from mining.

Silver is 99.99%, provided by local LBMA certified refinery that severely controls the amount of unwanted elements for goldsmith applications such as arsenic, lead and bismuth.

Our production is made only with inductive power, that guarantees less contamination than gas melting and every melting undergoes though our quality control.

Our base Catalog counts +150 different alloys suitable for different applications: production of wire, plates, rings, stamped objects, casting jewels, for silver and all the EN28654 standard gold colors.

Every Master alloy is available in the NS (no silver) version, this option can be useful for those who wants to separate the cost of the alloy from the floating price of silver, anyway silver must be added by final user.

Silver price of our alloys is fixed daily and published in the Home